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Spectrum of Being - Adewale Ali

The motivation behind my works change over time and this era of my art seeks to explore my relationship with life, God and death. Particularly, the intersection of these three abstract concepts and the way we try and rationalize it. They’re a reflection of my human experience and of THE human experience.  I have come to realize that we, as humans, know much less than we think, and only have concepts and stories upon which we base our beliefs and ideologies so as to avoid dealing with our fear of the unknown. This leads to coping mechanisms, deflections, and self delusions that further distract us from confronting the absurdity of life. When I came to this realization, it brought about a feeling, a feeling of anxiety, which I further break down into multiple parts and multiple emotions of which I can then make tangible through my work.  Through the use of dynamic form and color I’ve figured my own way of performing introspective therapy. I’ve figured out a way to translate these emotions. You see, my works are an expression of my relationship with the unknown, and in "The Spectrum of Being" I am expressing the feeling of curiosity in relation to the unknown.