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The Jungian Archetypes Collection - Adewale Ali

Carl Jung was a physiologist that believed that the human brain collects and organizes information into categories or archetypes for us to understand better. Like the hero, the fool, the wise man, the mother...these archetypes find their way into our media, literature, art, and shape the way we classify and interact with people. 

Animals also hold certain spaces and categories in our minds (some instinctual and some conditioned by society). This body of work uses colored blots and shapes to show these broad categories by coalescing and combining each animal in a certain archetype to show the most representative, intense, and paradigm form expressing their nature both in nature and in our collective consciousness. 

This body of work aims to trigger and awaken innate responses to these animals that the audience may not be able to name. 

Each piece is not one single animal but a carefully selected number of animals that embodies each archetype's description. The color palette for each piece is one that communicates the ambiance of each archetype.